Friday, December 30, 2016

Ok so the Beachbody Club Membership is one of my favorite things! I love that I have access to a curated selection of full workout programs, I love having access to each program's nutrition guide and recipes and I love the freebies that you can only get through the club - the exclusive workouts, healthy cooking shows, and a pretty fun fitness- based reality tv show.

That's not to mention that the customizable meal planner with printable recipes and grocery lists makes meal planning SUPER simple OR the fact that I earn an extra 10% off my shakeology (& anything else I buy) each month just by having the club membership.

OK OK and my absolute favorite feature of the club membership is something called the Challenge Du Jour - which is a different workout from a different workout program every single day. Together each Challenge Du Jour forms a complete workout regimen each week, with NO boredom whatsoever! It's been a fun way for me to try new workout programs I probably never would have like - P90X (which I loved) and Brazil Butt Lift Carnivale (I, ahem, have never really need any help in this department! ha!) In between full programs I am 9 times out 10 using the Challenge du Jour to get in my daily sweat sesh.

Did I mention that you can connect all of these workouts to your Apple Watch? Or that you could stream them straight to your phone on an app? Or use them in your hotel room through your laptop? Or connect the whole damn thing to your smart tv? No? Oh - well there's all of that too.

Safe to say - I love it - and at $2.99/week it is THE best value around.


I can't believe I'm about to say this, but for one low price you'll get EVERY single program for an entire year, a set of color coded portion control containers and one month of my favorite healthy shake! So for a year you get ALL the programs for 70 bucks. I don't know man. That's just nuts to me. You even get instant access to every new program that comes out in 2017 - which are typically $60-$70 EACH.

I've never been a gym rat. I've never been the girl who wanted to go to the gym. I didn't even want to workout! Before I found Beachbody I downloaded some fitness apps but I never got anywhere because I was missing two huge pieces of the puzzle - nutrition and accountability. Fitness alone - is only a small part of it and that's even when you are regularly doing the RIGHT workouts. I was dabbling, and my results showed it. (read - I got no results)

When we work together over the year - I'll help you pick your first program based on your goals, the time you have to workout, and what I've learned to be effective while coaching over 300 people to their weight loss goal. You'll have a workout calendar, a nutrition guide, a meal plan, recipes, and the support of myself and the rest of The Fit Tribe. If you are really ready to change - this is ALL you need to do it and to do it as quickly as it safe to do so. Then, when you are finished with that program - we compare your before and afters, celebrate, and then move on to your next program. It's going to be amazing to see the progress of the ladies who commit to me for the whole year. I'm really excited!

Here's the catch. You ONLY have until February 28th to take advantage of this ONE YEAR All Access BOD. After that it goes back to the normal $2.99/week rate, with limited workout programs. Want more info? Click HERE to apply to join The Fit Tribe & make sure you let me know that you are interested in the All Access BOD! 

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