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MEAL PLANNING!!! The unsung hero of weight loss. FACT is - you will not lose weight from exercise alone - you have to give it 100% for your 30 minute workout but you ALSO have to give it 100% every time you sit down to eat a meal or open those cabinets! 
ONE MAJOR thing I want you to take away from our 30 Day Challenge is to eat a healthy, balanced diet with a lot of real food! Your homework for this weekend is to read through your nutrition guide & make a plan for next week. I don't even care if you meal prep it all out and put it into containers. That is bonus points!
You need to wake up in the morning with a plan of attack - i.e. how many reds, greens, yellows, etc that you are going to eat that day!
I *always* say K.I.S.S - keep it simple silly. Please don't try to make a bunch of crazy recipes the first week & ask what the container equivalents are. Start basic. Fire up your grill. Use spice rubs (which are freebies!) Steam your veggies! After the first week when you've gotten the basics down you can start 'FIX'ING' your favorite recipes! ;)

Where can I find approved recipes?
  • There are a TON of recipes & ready made meal plans in the 'Files' section of our Challenge Group.
  • Go to photos > albums to find our Healthy Crockpot Recipes album
  • Your nutrition guide has a few simple recipes in it. 
  • You can type 'recipe' in the search box of this group & find recipes that everyone has posted.
  • The Beachbody BLOG has a ton of free recipes with nutrition facts and container equivalents.
  • The Fixate Cookbook has over 100 recipes in it. 
  • If you have the Beachbody Club membership you can use the customizable meal planner to create and download a custom meal plan, recipes, and a shopping list. 
  • New on the Club Membership > FIXATE cooking show with top trainer Autumn & chef Bobby Calabrese with printable recipe cards!
  • And of course there is always PINTEREST - but some of those aren't actually fix approved ingredients so use your best judgement there! Follow my 21 Day Fix Recipes Board.

How do I plan out my meals?
This is how I've made my meal plan for two years and lost 60 pounds. 
My calculation puts me really close to this lower calorie bracket. Can I just use that one instead?
No! I know our meal plans include a lot of food but the calculations and calorie brackets were created by master nutritionists and tested over and over before the program was released to the public. The program is designed to work! Work you way up to eating all of the food if it is hard for you at first. As you lose weight you will move down into that next which point you will probably miss all the extra food! 

I love your meal planning notepad where did you get it?
It's from Amazon, its about $5 and you can use it to plan for a whole year. I have also found that save the sheets and reusing the meal plans that we love is a HUGE time saver! The whole notepad is magnetic so I pull it off the fridge every weekend, make my meal plan, and then stick it back on there so we can see our menu for the week.

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