Saturday, September 24, 2016

Before I reached my goal weight I remember searching Pinterest for hours for a magic meal plan that was simple to follow that would help me lose weight. It was always hard for me to find one that seemed doable with easy, healthy recipes that me and my family would actually eat. Now that I have lost 60 pounds of baby weight and reached my goal weight I want to share my own meal plans in the hope that it gives you an idea of what to eat or inspires you to try a new meal. 

I don't like to cook, so my meals are super simple and easy to put together. I'm not a super picky eater but I have a major sweet tooth so I add a chocolate shake into every day. It feels like a treat but is the healthiest thing I eat all day and helps me lose fat, curb cravings, and stay regular. 

(alternate between two)
steel cut oatmeal, with an apple and 2 boiled eggs
greek yogurt, whole grain cereal,  blueberries

AM Snack:
(alternate between three)
plain almonds
hummus lettuce wrap
balsamic avocado

(alternate between two)
Mixed Green Salad topped with Chicken Breasts
Mixed Green Salad topped with Salmon

PM Snack:
(my favorite treat of the day!)
Peanut Butter Cup Shakeology

(alternate between three)
Grilled Flank Steak + cooked carrots with paprika
grilled chicken breast + steamed kale
grilled veggie burger + steamed brussel sprouts

Keeping my menu simple and rotating between the same few meals makes it easier for me to double batch, meal prep, and grab and go. The next week I will keep only the meals that I LOVED and try new recipes so I never get bored.

Is this helpful? Would you like to see more of my meal plans?

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