Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oh man - nothing like having a staredown with a mini version of yourself to point out your weaknesses as a person, am i right?

I pretty much daily think of ways that I could be BETTER. But I am human and I am flawed. 

When it comes to setting examples for my own kids I've had to think of what is important - no REALLY important- to me and decided to kind of focus on those few things and let everything else go.

My kids won't be fashion plates.
They won't be active in every after school activity.
They won't be allowed to do and watch things that I don't think are appropriate for them - even if its the 'cool thing' to do.

But they will be healthy.
They will know all about Jesus Christ.
And they will know that their perfectly IMPERFECT Mom loves them more than anything in the world!

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