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Clean Diet Plan


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chocolate Shakeology Recipes PDF

Did you lose your chocolate shakeology recipes flyer? Here is a printable pdf for you to print out and stick on your fridge! I always say that Shakeology is a lot like Starbucks - it might take a couple of tries but you will find your 'perfect blend!'

Or if you'd rather save ink - here are the recipes included:

Your Children Will Become Who You Are

Oh man - nothing like having a staredown with a mini version of yourself to point out your weaknesses as a person, am i right?

I pretty much daily think of ways that I could be BETTER. But I am human and I am flawed. 

When it comes to setting examples for my own kids I've had to think of what is important - no REALLY important- to me and decided to kind of focus on those few things and let everything else go.

My kids won't be fashion plates.
They won't be active in every after school activity.
They won't be allowed to do and watch things that I don't think are appropriate for them - even if its the 'cool thing' to do.

But they will be healthy.
They will know all about Jesus Christ.
And they will know that their perfectly IMPERFECT Mom loves them more than anything in the world!

WARNING: Becoming a Beachbody Coach :)


Becoming a Beachbody Coach on Team Hope Anchors the Soul can lead to increases in fitness, increases in income, increases in motivation, unexpected gifts, paid vacations, and other side effects. 

Results vary based on effort. ;-)

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Little Reminders

I seriously LIVE by this list!! 

Little Reminders:
Eat Clean 80/20 Rule
Sweat every day
Don't worry about calories
Watch Portions
Don't use the Scale Often
Go by the feel of your clothes, measurements, etc.
Do this for you!

How to Make a Healthy Smoothie

How to make a healthy smoothie! I've been making smoothies forever - since 2012 when I started making them for my then 'picky toddler' who is now a world-class eater eight year old! No, seriously - she will try anything! Haha!

Because I've experimented with a  lot of different smoothies, creating a lot of my own recipes along the way - I've been able to come up with a pretty standard baseline to create a yummy smoothie.

3 Cups of Fresh or frozen fruit
2 Cups of Juice or Almond Milk
1 Cup of Yogurt, Ice, Frozen Yogurt, etc to make it thick and creamy!

It tastes great everytime! Once you get the basics down its pretty easy to customize it and add in extras.

I hope this chart that I made helps you whip up a quick, healthy breakfast or snack and get out the door.


3 Months From Now - You Will Thank Yourself

This is one of my favorite health and fitness quotes because sometimes it feels like the little sacrifices we are making every day aren't getting us any closer to our goals!

  • They ARE
  • You didn't gain it in one day - you won't lose it in one day
  • Your healthy lifestyle changes are changing you from the inside out and that takes time!
  • Drastic weight loss is not LASTING - this time you are going to do it the RIGHT way so that it does NOT come back!!
  • A good goal to shoot for is 1-3 lbs per week. As long as you consistently hit this target then you are golden! Keep going!!
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